Combining traditional soul, funk and blues with modern elements, unique sound and energetic performances. This is Malted Milk, one of the most important soul bands in Europe.

Malted Milk is a French band founded in 1998, consisting of seven members. Their music combines classic blues elements with modern influences such as funk and soul to create an extraordinary and dynamic musical fusion. Malted Milk has released several successful albums including Sweet Soul Blues, Easy Baby and Get Some.

The group has also collaborated with various musicians such as American singer Toni Green, with whom they created the album Malted Milk & Toni Green. The band also has extensive concert experience and has performed at several festival venues throughout Europe. Malted Milk have become one of the most important blues-funk bands in Europe due to their unique sound and energetic live performances. The band has managed to fuse traditional blues music with modern elements to bring a whole new dimension to the genre!