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Alt-J (UK) s Kaleida (UK)

17. 6. 15Žluté lázně, Praha
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There are not many bands who would accomplish as much as alt-J in only 7 years of their existence. The fans and experts were swept away by the unique songwriting and eloquent lyricism. The first ones fill the arenas to watch them play, the second ones make them award-winning band. The Czech Republic waited for a long time but the time has finally come. The geniuses alt-J will perform on the June 17th at Zlute lazne in Prague for the very first time. The tickets go on presale on Friday, March 6th at 10.00 AM.

Alt-J formed when four students met at Leeds University in England. Passion for music and 4 more years together resulted in eponymous EP consisting brilliant songs such as “Breezeblocks” or “Matilda”. And so the adventure began.
Debut album “An Awesome Wave” in 2012 attracted an extraordinary wave of attention and received one award after another – Mercury Prize, Ivor Novello Award or three nominations for Brit Awards. The album has now gone platinum in the UK and sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide.

The second and the latest alt-J album “This Is All Yours” was released last year. After the enormous success of the first one, British chameleons were standing in front of a tough task. Although the bassist Gwil Sainsbury left the band, the trio managed to create an album as magnificent as the one before. Right after its release, “This Is All Yours” became the best selling album in the UK. Balancing between genres, connecting elements that cannot be seemingly connected – the features that make alt-J a band that one cannot confuse with another. The perfect symbiosis of melody and Miley Cyrus vocals, who sings “I’m a female rebel” in the song “Hunger Of The Pine” on the new album is one of the examples. Despite their unconventionality, alt-J is now becoming a phenomenon. Recently, they sold out Londons Alexandra Palace in London in 10 minutes while the venue capacity is 10 000 people. The band already performed at major festivals such as Latitude, Reading or Bestival and there is Lollapalooza or Coachella to come.

Whether you look at it from any angle, al-J, unlike other commercially successful bands, don’t sell their image but only the music itself. Standing out is difficult for bands nowadays, especially in the alternative scene due to the numbers of artists trying to achieve the same thing. However, alt-J triumphs with a uniqueness none can surpass. Truly, there is not another band like them, which is an impressive triumph in the world of music.

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