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Thirty-one-year-old multi-platinum rapper, singer songwriter, producer and best selling author Russ walks his own path, at his own pace. In his 10+ years of releasing music, Russ has developed an extensive catalog of music that has collectively surpassed over 22 billion career streams and 25 million singles sold to date. By doing so, he’s proved that he doesn’t need a major label, making the Forbes “30 Under 30” list in 2019, selling out arenas across the U.S. and around the globe, and becoming one of the most popular engaged rappers and thought leaders in the world right now.

His method is simple: love and believe in yourself absolutely and work hard no matter what. In his best-selling self-help book “It’s All In Your Head,” Russ inspires readers to walk to their individual rhythms and beat their biggest obstacles: themselves.

Known for his unique rollout of dropping new singles every few weeks and producing his own tracks, Russ’ album There’s Really A Wolf released in 2017 is now RIAA certified 2x platinum and spent 84 weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart with standout singles “What They Want” and “Losin Control.” His albums SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBEand Zoo additionally hit the Billboard 200 chart and are now RIAA certified gold. Russ has an incredibly loyal fan base, with his song “3:15 (Breathe)” hitting a peak of over 700,000 streams daily in 2023 when it was originally released in 2021. In 2022, a champion for independent artists, Russ launched his indie label DIEMON (an acronym for “Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing”) with partner and longtime collaborator Bugus Thompson. With DIEMON, Russ launched artist Ktlyn after her remix of his platinum single “Handsomer” went viral, inspiring the open-verse trend on TikTok.

Last summer, Russ released his deeply introspective album SANTIAGO, which debuted at #12 on the Billboard 200 chart and explores Russ’ journey of self-approval, finding his self-worth, self-love, and moving on from seeking validation from others. He brought his immersive world of SANTIAGO to his fans, holding pop-ups across the country through an entirely self-funded and self-executed marketing strategy. Russ also released a short film inspired by the album also titled SANTIAGO, which debuted over a 2-night special event in 88 theaters across the US and UK.

Russ’ artistry knows no bounds, crossing over from his usual rap/hip-hop style to going acoustic with single “Drives” and even orchestral with a remix of his songs “Drives,” “Psycho Pt. 2,” and “3:15 (Breathe)” recorded live with Strings From Paris. Russ is always releasing new music, having recently dropped his new single “In The Dirt.” He’s performed on some of the world’s largest stages and wowed audiences – including performing “Patience” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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