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Pouya (US)

7. 10. 18Roxy, Praha
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» TIME SCHEDULE 7 pm doors | 8:00 pm DJ WYBMF | 8:20 pm Pouya + Shakewell

It’s punk as fuck, and it’s what hip-hop should be: A youth movement that doesn’t wait for someone to throw money at it.” —​ Said server Noisey about Pouya, one of the first successful SoundCloud rapper.

Pouya first got his start via online rap circles and hip-hop communities – through his now-defunct YouTube series ​Nick and Pouya Show with his mate Fat Nick. They became popular also thanks to Denzel Curry who tweeted about their show. Together they became a part of Miami’s local scene where they met other members of popular Raider clan. Due to Pouya’s anxiety, he dropped out of high school and began to pursue his rap career full speed.

To Roxy club he brings his new record Five Five, featuring a track with Night Lovell. The show is a part of [loveit] sound series brought to you in cooperation with Jägermeister.

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