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Mogli (DE) s Kyson (AU)

4. 4. 19Chapeau Rouge, Praha
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“A look in the mirror is a look back and one into the future,” that’s how Mogli describes the feeling that pushes her on her upcoming The Mirrors Tour. The German melancholic singer-songwriter is coming to Prague for the first time bringing her new album Wanderer, for which she found inspiration during her travels on glaciers in Alaska and in the deserts and the jungles of Mexico.

With Wanderer, Mogli musically takes her listeners on the journey she experienced herself and which shaped her as an artist. The result: 14 songs full of magical closeness to nature, longing for the distance and the courage to leave the everyday life behind and start on an adventure.

Mogli was honoured with the VUT Indie Award for Best Newcomer of the Year for her debut album Bird. Moreover, she gained worldwide awareness due to her broadcast documentary Expedition Happiness, which was shown in nationwide cinemas and is also available on Netflix.

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