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Modestep (UK)

27. 2. 13Roxy, Praha
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British dubstep-electronic band MODESTEP is going on tour Evolution Theory, during which they will also make a stop in Prague’s renowned club Roxy – on February 27 2013. This is a very first show for MODESTEP in Czech Republic! Tickets are available through Ticketpro from December 6.

MODESTEP goes against the conventions even in their own genre, where it is usual to be a singular DJ, but MODESTEP is a whole live four-member band. MODESTEP was established in 2010 in London, when two brothers Josh and Tony Friend (DJs) got together with guitarist Nick Tsang and another DJ Matthew Curtis – and started producing their original mix of dubstep, electronica and rock music.

January next year promises a new album of MODESTEP entitled Evolution Theory. „Now we’re ready to unleash it. It’s about the evolution of music through our lives, so expect everything: dubstep, metal, house, hip hop, electro. I think it will surprise a lot of people,“ says one of the band’s leaders, Tony Friend. „The forthcoming European tour is directly linked to the album Evolution Theory, so we have definitely something to look forward to!“ filled in one of the promoters from Fource Entertainment.

The very first show of MODESTEP in Czech Republic takes place on February 27th at Roxy. Tickets available through Ticketpro network.

Ticket price: 440.- CZK + fees.

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