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John (UK)

1. 4. 22Cross Club, Praha
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“With the dates just over a month away, we’ve simply had to make the decision that both of us really didn’t want to make – to cancel the EU tour.” The Prague show (1st April at Cross Club) will sadly not take place. “Music is a delicate ecosystem, we send our thanks to all the promoters who have already spent time, energy and money on these shows, our wonderful agent and our sound engineer… and of course anyone who purchased a ticket to see us. We are currently looking at opportunities to head back across the water as soon as possible.”

JOHN. It’s a cryptic and unsearchable band name but it serves an important manifesto. Not only is it logical – with the duo being comprised of John Newton (drums/lead vocals) and Johnny Healey (guitar/backing vocals) – but it’s deliberately mundane, a response to the sensationalism that was often promoted through rock music when JOHN began playing together in 2013.

“It’s a bit like shooting yourself in the foot,” explains Newton, “but it helps remind you that the creative drive is what’s central to the project. The sensational collateral is just cladding that can easily become a hindrance to your intentions.” Drawing inspiration from the DIY approach of independent enterprises such as Dischord Records, the pair formed in London’s East End opting to self-manage, self-release and self-distribute, adopting an ethos that’s served as an antidote to the reality of the day jobs required to exist in an ever-inflating city.


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