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17. 3. 18MeetFactory, Praha

» TIME SCHEDULE  8 pm doors | 9 pm IAMX


IAMX is coming back to Prague. This musician is certainly indefinable by genre and with every new album he surprises his fans by going in a slightly different direction. There is a strong fan base in the Czech Republic and that’s why Chris Corner aka IAMX loves coming back. This time, he will be presenting his new album Alive In New Light, scheduled for release on February 8th 2018. Come see IAMX live on March 17th 2018 to MeetFactory.
British musician Chris Corner started performing under the name IAMX in 2004 after he left the band Sneaker Pimps to become an independent artist. After releasing his debut album Kiss + Swallow he got immediatelly noticed and with the second record The Alternative it was certain that there was a lot to expect from him in future.

Emerging from an intense depression that fuelled his last two albums, Chris Corner aka IAMX releases his newest LP Alive In New Light on February 2nd 2018. A cinematic celebration of breaking free from demons that have long plagued him, it captures the giddy phase of metamorphosis, when you are no longer what you were but not yet fully what you are becoming. The album is both a ‘thank you’ to fans and an invitation to the next phase in IAMX’s intoxicating journey of self-discovery. Among its searing track list, AINL features Mile Deep Hollow, which was previewed on How To Get Away With Murder, the fifteenth IAMX track to be synced on ABC TV’s blockbuster.

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