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Cut Copy (AU) s Deaths

21. 4. 14Lucerna Music Bar, Praha
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Australian band Cut Copy is back to share a new fabulous live experience! The show is part of the Excelent Jukebox series and will take place on April 21 at Lucerna Music Bar. The tickets are available through Ticketpro network.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, the band embarked for their first international tour in 2005 supporting bands like Franz Ferdinand or Bloc Party. In 2007, they were selected to warm up Daft Punk’s crowd in their home country. This just preceded the release of their second album In Ghost Colours, well acclaimed by the critics internationally. Since then, Cut Copy and their early-90s indie-dance kept growing in the music scene. Album Zonoscope won the Aria Awards for the best dance record in 2011 and got nominated as Best Dance/Electronica release for the Grammy Awards 2012. The Aussie quartet has just released Free Your Mind album which is a spiritual quest, an invitation to let your imagination go and fully enjoy the music.

The band describes its album rather creatively: “It creates a fantasy of the next youth revolution […] Interacting on the dance floor without uttering a word, jointly reaching a higher state, feeling involved in a secret society and ultimately becoming one with the music.” With this new LP, they are exploring new boundaries of the dance scene by getting inspired by the UK acid house movement as well as some deep psychedelic rave influences along with the booming Electronic Dance Music. They’ve crafted songs with some solid bass lines and an explosion of loops and reverb. The band managed to enroll Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT, The Flaming Lips) for the mixing duties…. a successful pick!

“Their new materials will for sure put you in a dancing mood thanks to their catchy electro-pop and their incredible cosmic and fuzzy synth sounds,” says one of Fource Entertainment’s representatives.

Deaths is a one man project of the extraordinarily talented composer and producer Igor Bruso, the author of hits such as “Crystal NIghts” or “Karaoke Blues”. Born in Kamchatka, since 12 living in Prague, Bruso also devoted his professional life to fashion photography and film direction. Apart from directing all videos for Deaths, he has also shot movies for Swan Bride or Charlie Straight. The project reached another stage after Bruso moved to Berlin in autumn 2013: it was where he met Italian guitarist Marco Blarzino, Japanese sound experimentator Yaz Uemura, and together with Slovak drummer Tomáš Hribík they are now working on a debut EP.
Put on your favourite dance outfit and come party with us on April 21st at Lucerna Music Bar. Secure your tickets at Ticketpro outlets or at Ticketpro.cz.

Ticket is for 420.- CZK + fees.

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