Unfortunately the Will & The People show is now pushed to 28th September 2022. „We are genuinely bursting at the seams to get out on the road and finally be in a room full of you doing what we all love the most (jumping around like children with a drink in one hand and someone you just met in the other),“ says the band. 

The show will happen as a part of the free admission UpTone series. The reservations are no longer valid for the new date, if you are still into the show, you can simply create a new reservation at

Will & the people make surprisingly delicate music for such a hard-living band – As befits a band that promotes a forward-thinking hybrid of rock, reggae, hip-hop, punk, folk, with storytelling that at times mirrors dirtbag greats like Denis Johnson or Raymond Carver. A Rock band, founded in 2010 by Will Rendle, Jim Ralphs, Jamie Rendle and Charlie Harman, have toured the world extensively with a DIY, hard grit ethic… and they have made a mark in doing so all over the world. Will & the people’s music offers up the sort of melancholic optimism that is so well-anchored by instantly gratifying melodies and spirited guitars. With an army of their most enduring work they are now poised to release one of the most musically ravenous albums.