November 4th 2019 – For a band with longevity like Turnover, change is inevitable. In 2019, they celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band – yet, they have somehow always remained relevant across these long ten years of change, seemingly without trying to. In a way, this is because of Turnover’s gradual shift from a Virginia group classed amongst pop-punk’s rising stars to something so much more than that: no matter what mood you’re in, there’s a Turnover song to match it. “Altogether”, Turnover’s new album, represents another shift for the band, but this time, in a different way to those explored in the past: “On this record, more than in the past, we wanted to keep in mind the beauty of writing ‘popular music,’” says lead singer Getz.

Turnover will play Café V lese, Prague on Feb 28th. Tickets available from Nov 6th.