January 9th 2020 – In 2015, their debut EP creatively called Eins (One) already boasted the party hit What’s it All About and the other three songs could be called accessible as well. Audience and experts seemed to succumb to the charm of the quartett from Basel and the paper 20 minutes euphorically titled their article: CARVEL’: too big for Switzerland.

They felt the need to come up with new ideas and harass every first-class producer they could find with their tragedy. Rumour has it, one of them (Gareth Jones) even had already fiddled with dilettantes like Nick Cave or Depeche Mode. Later, Carvel’ shamelessly claimed in public to have learned something from these recording sessions. The result was to be foreseen: The second EP Polarity, published in 2017, dripped with newfangled sound effects, supposedly clever song structures and ruthlessly mixed influences from a dozen genres and several decades. Even the press felt betrayed by this musical mixture, preventing them from sticking one of their beloved labels on the band. Even more perfidious for the listener: Behind the beautiful melodies lurked mostly exhausting, important topics.