31st March 2022 – Donnie Darko, once a collection of random sketches and ideas in a creative mind, gain its concrete form when frustration and ambitions took over the joy of playing in a successful, yet seemingly stagnant band. These emotions and talent then powered their first EP Supertramps (Feb 2014) which showcased their ability of combining unorthodox chord progressions with technical riffs, frantic rhythms with melancholy and melody and immediately set them apart from the rest of the local alternative scene.

Building on the success of their debut, they began gigging relentlessly around Czech republic, France, Germany, Netherland, Hungary, quickly gaining recognition that earned them a slot at a showcase festival Bandzone Showcase 2014 in Prague, allowed them to play at leading Czech festivals Rock For People CZ / Europe or Mighty Sounds, Fishing on Orfu (HUN) repeatedly and share the stage with bands like Arcane Roots (UK), Pontiak (US) or Rise Against (US). These shows proved that the band enjoys putting as much energy in their live playing as they do in their songs. Since then, Donnie Darko released a video for their single Live What You Love in 2015 and currently singles 90 and Dope from debut album Yesterdays (2020).