7pm Doors | 8pm Axel Flóvent | 9pm Temples

Melancholic band The Paper Kites composes a touching night music inspired by night train rides and sleeping city. A mixture of sublime indie pop and Australian folk songwriting, performed by five musicians, returns to Rock Cafe, Prague, after three years to introduce last year’s albums “On The Train Ride Home” and “On The Corner Where You Live” which are like two sides of the same coin.

Sam Bentley, frontman for The Paper Kites spoke of the moment the album’s concept clicked together: “Our hotel window in New York City looked straight into the apartment building across the street. You could see all these windows lighting up and people getting home from their nights outWe just sat there and watched them. It was fascinating. It was living art. I wanted to capture moments, feelings, it’s about people and their stories.