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The Neighbourhood (US) s Health (US)

6. 2. 19Forum Karlín, Praha
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» TIME SCHEDULE  6:30 pm doors | 8 pm Yeek | 8:45 pm Healt | 9:45 pm The Neighbourhood

After three years, the American pop-rock band The Neighbourhood is heading back to Prague. Besides the biggest hits like Sweater Weather or R.I.P. 2 My Youth,  the band will introduce the tracks from the eponymous third album and the latest EP Ever Changing, where the East Coast surfers shift their style towards contemporary trends and R&B.

Together with genre-colored songs The Neighbourhood leave their strict black and white image. The band musically evolves with every record: “We’re all still pretty young too, so I feel like even if we had our sound already locked in, it’d be kind of boring from here on out. I’m sure even if we found, we’re type of dudes no matter what, we’ll always try new shit. I feel like we all have such short attention spans, we get tired of something really quickly and want to try something else,” says the drummer Brandon Fried.

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