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Sierra (FR) + Mor Wen (CZ)

30. 11. 23Café V lese, Praha
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With her infectious bass and sharp beats, SIERRA has been unfolding her strong electro and darkwave signature energy ever since the release of her first EP STRANGE VALLEY in 2017, followed by GONE in 2019, which introduced fans of the synthwave scene to her work, both in France and abroad. After meeting Italian producer MATTEO TURA, their obvious artistic connection gave rise to INNER SPEECH in late 2021, quickly followed by the fiery SEE ME NOW in 2022. The dark and hypnotic color of her music gained traction once again in the video game industry when she was involved in the creation of the soundtrack for Studio Sharkmob’s VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODHUNT.

Canadian video game developer Behaviour Interactive also capitalized on the tension and eerie undertones of her track “Hide” by featuring it in the trailer of their latest production, MEET YOUR MAKER. In 2022, SIERRA was the opening act for CARPENTER BRUT’s tour in Europe . That same year, her hit track “Unbroken” was featured in the video for Yves Saint Laurent’s Bold lipstick campaign. After performing for experimental music connoisseurs at the Roadburn festival in the Netherlands, she played to a sold-out crowd in the Point Éphémère in Paris and will release her first album A STORY OF ANGER (Virgin records) in September 2023.

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