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Selah Sue (BE)

11. 12. 12Roxy, Praha
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Selah Sue, young singer and songwriter is coming to take the breath away from Czech fans to Prague club Roxy on December 11. Tickets available through Ticketpro network from October 26.

Selah Sue is a stage name of Sanne Putseys originally from Belgium. As a little girl she wanted to be a ballet dancer and she did not consider a music career at all – before producers found out about her materials. She was offered a contracted by one of the largest labels – however, Selah Sue declined the offer to let everybody know that she wants to make her own songs. And this paid off: her compositions, soul songs crossed with a bit of reggae and rap are a big success. Her song Raggamuffin rocketed the 10 millions views on YouTube channel. Not only that, the young singer has also coworked together with the famous Cee Lo Green, their mutual song is called Please.

“Selah Sue is an unusually interesting artist. Her approach to music is pure; she creates what she enjoys, and she isn’t afraid of crossing the borders of several genres at once, so there is always something to look out for. This Belgian lady won also the prestigious European Border Breakers Awards. Right now she’s on tour in USA. She’s coming to Czech Republic for the second time – this year you may have heard her rocking the festival Rock for People,” said one of the representatives of the promoting agency Fource Entertainment.

Selah Sue for the first time on Czech club scene at ROXY, Prague, on December 11. Tickets available through Tickepro.

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