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Ramirez (US) + Haarper (US)

15. 4. 23Underdogs’, Praha
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19:00 doors • 20:15 Haarper • 20:45 Dj Milk Crate • 21:00 Ramirez

Hailing from the Bay Area, Ramirez has an expansive and diverse catalog of sounds influenced by both West Coast Rap and Phonk alike. 
 Not only does Ramirez possess a discography of unique sounds dating back to 2013, his lyrical prowess and trademark tirade has enthralled millions of listeners. 
 This penchant for dark and melodic rhythms combined with vivid lyrics have allowed Ramirez to climb to the top of his lane and have aligned him with the likes of juggernauts such as $uicideboy$, Yung Gravy, Ghostemane, Pouya, Shakewell, Germ and others on multiple EPs and singles.

In 2019 Ramirez released the widely acclaimed Son Of Serpentine, which was also featured appearances by Pouya and ZillaKami of City Morgue on the versatile 14-track album. 
 In April of 2020 the Bay Area-native released his most successful album to date known as THE PLAYA$ MANUAL which has amassed over hundreds of millions of streams. Tha Playas Manual was not only successful on streaming platforms but on his North American Tour he sold out majority of his shows and it was a huge success. 
 Ramirez has much more music and live shows coming out within this year as well. As he just announced his new album coming out on September 16th known as “The Tragedy of a Clown”. Ramirez is just starting to show why he is known as the Grey Gorilla.

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