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Poets of the Fall (FI) + Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison (UK)

10. 9. 22Roxy, Praha
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The band started out their musical adventure from scratch in 2003. Singer Marko Saaresto sold everything he had to invest in pursuing the love of his life – music. After almost twenty years later Poets of the Fall are still one of the most popular Scandinavian bands. Poets have recently released a series of twelve acoustic singles and videos, filmed in the prestigious Alexander Theatre in Helsinki. They are also recording material for the next album.

The singles and videos released from Poets’ albums have received lots of media coverage, hundreds of millions of video views, and extensive airtime on radios worldwide. The song ​Carnival of Rust​ was the most played Finnish song in 2006, and singles like ​Dreaming Wide Awake​ and ​Cradled in Love​ spent several weeks among the top songs on national radio and TV. The blockbuster video games ​Alan Wake​, ​Alan Wake’s American Nightmare​ and ​Control​ featured songs from various albums, as well as completely new songs, performed as the in-game band ​Old Gods of Asgard.​

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