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Overtone: Milky Chance

15. 8. 15Riegrovy sady
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Brand new festival is shining bright on Czech music scene. Please welcome Overtone Festival. It’s extraordinary event because it’s conception – the event will happen four times a year in several locations in Prague and Brno. There will be always three to four musicians presented on Overtone, because the dramaturgy is more focused on quality than quantity. First edition of Overtone Festival will take place on Saturday August 15th in Riegrovy sady, Prague. Tickets on sale via GoOut.cz 690 CZK each.

Headliner of the first edition is German folktronic duo Milky Chance. Even through they debut album Sadnecessary was recorded in home studio reached the absolute top of hit-parades. Their viral hit Stolen Dance reached over 160 millions of views on YouTube. They toured the world and played the biggest and most renown festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella this year. They will play for the first time in Prague thanks to Overtone Festival.

Singer Mette Lindberg and songwriter and musician Lars Iversen are core of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour band which will perform before Milky Chance. They started producing fusion of psychedelic, acid jazz and epic refrains back in 2008. Since then, the Copenhagen based duo released three full-length albums and supported big names like Amy Winehouse or Katy Perry. Their song Around The Bend was used for iPod Touch commercial by Steve Jobs and you could hear their music in series like Gossip Girl, Chuck or Mad Men.

Shannon Saunders, 21-year-old dance-pop sensation, started her career on YouTube when she was 15. Her single Sheets proved her talent for writing incredibly catchy melodies. Debut album Kryssalis will be out soon and one thing is sure now – she’s one of the emerging artists one will hear a lot about.

The only Czech band is Android Asteroid. It consists of two Prague producers – Jan Pospisil and Tomas Konupka. On stage, the pair can grow up to a nine-member military. Their first album was recorded at famous Abbey Road where Beatles or David Bowie recorded too. The latest album called Ikaros showed how good is the mixture of West African beats and Moravian dulcimer. Their electro-jazz-rap fusion will be core part of special DJ set they will perform in Riegrovy sady, Prague August 15th.

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