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Ocean Grove (AU) + Glad For Today (CZ)

31. 10. 22Cross Club, Praha
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Everything is weird and wonderful again for Melbourne oddballs Ocean Grove as they release their third studio album Up In The Air Forever, returning to their Oddworld universe with a living testament to maintaining a positive mental attitude. “Our main goal with this album was to present something that was fun and inspiring, and that presented this ethos of PMA – a ‘positive mental attitude’,” frontman Dale Tanner explains.

“I want the message to be heard loud and clear,” says Dale, “that it’s about always seeking out the antithesis. It’s always about experimenting with that status quo. That’s a massive message of this album. Don’t get complacent. Don’t just sit in and be content with the norm. The greatest ideas and the inventions and art all come from someone sitting there sitting there being like, ‘How can we do this in a different way?’ And I love it.”

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