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Mac DeMarco (CA)

8. 6. 22Žluté lázně, Praha
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Bad news from the Mac DeMarco camp, his European tour including the Prague show is canceled: “I need to continue work on five easy hot dogs, I’m afraid I have to cancel some shows this year because of this. Don’t get me wrong, I love live rock and roll music, and for canceling I’m so sorry. Once I’ve completed what I have to do, I promise to come and share.”
All tickets will be fully refunded. We are once again sorry and thank you for your understanding.


Mac DeMarco show is a part of new summer series called My Kind of Summer, which take place over the summer at Žluté lázně. Tickets (760 Kč) via Fource Friends system from 9th February, general on sale starts here February 10th.

Combining a goofball public persona with a distinctive songwriting style and production sound, Canadian artist Mac DeMarco rose to the higher reaches of indie fame unexpectedly quickly. While his image projected a charmingly laid-back slacker prone to occasional antics and never taking anything too seriously, his songs have ironically often hid mature themes like aging, commitment, and morals under layers of chorus and reverb. Early releases on Captured Tracks and endless touring enlarged DeMarco’s fan base, and the 2014 album Salad Days pushed his strange mix of slacker pop, jazz, ’70s soft rock, and glam into the vanguard realm, selling tens of thousands of copies and changing the shape of what was happening in indie rock at the time.