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Gramatik (SI) s The Noisy Freaks (FR)

4. 11. 15Roxy, Praha
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Gramatik is Denis Jasarevic’s stage name. Originally from Slovenia, this incredible DJ and producer is rocking stages all across the world this summer. He will bring his great live once again to the Czech Republic with two very special evenings. The first show will take place at Roxy in Prague on November 4th followed by a second one at Fléda in Brno on November 7th. Be ready for a great party full of innovative materials – cross over mix of hip hop, electronic as well as other influences like dubstep or glitch.

He broke through already with his debut album “Street Bangerz Vol. 1” from 2008 thanks to streaming server Beatport. Second album followed year later and was released on Pretty Lights Music label – well known for giving music for free. This act should lead to more sharing, openness and creativity – all without intellectual property bureaucracy. This is one of the reasons why is whole Gramatik’s work is in the spirit of freedom and free data policy. Gramatik built his own label Lowtemp in 2013 on these roots. Musicians all across genres and world are gathered under its flag. Gramatik completely fulfilled his philosophy in 2014 when he put all his discography on BitTorrent sharing network where he quickly become #3 in amount of downloads. Gramatik released eight albums, six EPs and several singles. He was nominated for MTV European Awards for his “The Age of Reason” album in 2014. This year release “Coffee Shop Collection” is Gramatic’s best of. But it is kind of special. All the tracks are original tracks with no samples used which is extraordinary because using samples is one of the core pillars of hip hop and similar genres. “Coffee Shop Collection” is great entry album to Gramatik’s world full of innovative music on the verge of hip hop, dubstep and glitch. When you listen carefully, references to jazz and funk are present as well. Gramatik showed other approach to music in the soundtrack for The Condor short movie directed by Nina Varano. There was always close connection with film in Gramatik’s career thanks to epic and award winning music videos (Castell Award from Barcelona Film Festival for Brave Men etc.).

The two upcoming shows in Prague and Brno this November are going to blow your minds! Secure your tickets soon which are onsale starting July 13 at 10 am.

French dance electronic duo The Noisy Freaks will support Gramatik on both of his Czech gigs. The Noisy Freaks are important and valuable members of French electronic music scene. Their style of composition and work with music is close to their fellow countryman Daft Punk. Oldschool hits, old kitsch dance music and early synthesizer experiments are main influences as well as sources for samples. The Noisy Freaks mix all these genres together with small addition of pop. The Noisy Freaks are simply amazing party starters. But we warn you, you’ll need new pair of dancing shoes when the night ends.

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