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Gramatik (SI) s GRiZ (US)

17. 11. 14Lucerna Music Bar, Praha
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A Slovenian artist GRAMATIK will visit Czech Republic as part of the Excelent Concert Series, organized by Fource Entertainment and Gambrinus Excelent in Lucerna Music Bar Prague. A show full of great electronic, hip hop/ambient and dubstep music alike will take place on November 17 in Lucerna Music Bar! Tickets are available via Ticketpro or Fource Entertainment’s Facebook app from August 5.

Denis Jasarevic, hailing from Slovenia is living in the USA and performing under his stage name GRAMATIK. He is widely recognized for his original approach to both music and his music videos, which are considered highly professional. This is going to be his very first performance in Czech Republic moreover within his newest album tour called The Age of Reason (2014). The album is fully available for listening on Gramatik’s SoundCloud and Youtube alike. Gramatik is quite an exception of the music industry – he’s a big pioneer of free file sharing, including music. “My new EP carries the title #digitalfreedom. As an artist that based his entire career on the platform of free file sharing, I’m dedicating it to the fight against severe internet censorship bills we’ve been hearing about so much in the past months. Bastards have been trying to cripple the internet on a global scale with bills like ACTA/SOPA/PIPA and I’m sure there’s more of them coming, so this one goes out for spreading awareness! Reject them all, they will never stop the sharing, the Internet is our realm, digital freedom!” said Gramatik fearlessly. Sharing this opinion, he probably captured the thoughts of many professionals in this and other industries – who are, however, afraid to share from various reasons their opinion with public. With The Age of Reason, Gramatik, shows a musical growth which defies genre and breaks the EDM status quo to achieve an extension of the sound we have come to know as Gramatik.

Gambrinus Excelent and Fource Entertainment present EXCELENT JUKEBOX: GRAMATIK, November 17, Lucerna Music Bar Prague. Tickets available via Ticketpro and Fource Entertainment’s Facebook app for 395.- + fees from August 1. You can’t miss this fantastic load of music!

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