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Ghostemane (US)

27. 11. 21Forum Karlín, Praha
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Ghostemane already shared the news: „Several times over the last two years, we have been forced to postpone this upcoming tour, only to have those dates postponed again, and again. While this has all been out of my control due to the volatile pandemic situation, I am realizing that what I can control is whether I choose to continue bringing you news of a delayed tour along with promises of new dates, or to break the cycle and put this 2-year-old let-down to rest. As hard as it is to say, these upcoming dates are cancelled. I love you all and I can’t wait to play the new shit for you.

All ticket holders will be automatically refunded by their ticket provider, in case you bought the ticket in person, please contact the respective store. We’re still in touch with the artist and from what we know, Ghostemane is about to come back with a brand new concept of his live show, so we’re looking forward to welcoming him back once the situation improves.

Eric Ghoste has been releasing music as Ghostemane since 2014. As the project’s sole architect, Ghoste has created a singular canon of extreme music, incorporating elements of industrial, hardcore, acoustic, southern “phonk” rap, and experimental genres. With every album, Ghoste has grown as a producer, writer, and performer, blending his influences with increasing fluidity and ambition. His 2018 album N/O/I/S/E marked his most aggressive, advanced work yet, setting the table for his most anticipated album to date: ANTI-ICON. Dropped November 2020, ANTI-ICON is the culmination of Ghoste’s musical mutations, the personal sonic statement he’s been building towards his entire career.

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