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French Touch Vol. 1

17. 10. 24SaSaZu, Praha
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Music Magnet s.r.o., in collaboration with Fource Entertainment, is thrilled to announce the French Touch Odyssey, a spectacular two-night event dedicated to French electronic music. Set to take place on October 17th and 19th, 2024, at the prestigious SaSaZu Club in Prague, this project is part of the exciting French Touch La Belle Vie! initiative.

17th Oct. French Touch Vol. 1: Yann Destal (from Modjo) + Dax Riders (DJ Set), Daft Funk, The Supermen Lovers, Benjamin Diamond from Stardust

19th Oct. French Touch Vol. 2: Kavinsky, Étienne de Crécy, Breakbot x Irfane

Parisian Nights, October 17th, 2024

Step into the vibrant nightlife of Paris, the birthplace of French Touch music. Parisian Nights will recreate the iconic charm of Parisian clubs with elegant decor, sophisticated lighting, and a chic ambiance.

Daft Funk (Tribute Band Live): The premier tribute band to Daft Punk, delivering an authentic and electrifying performance.

Yann Destal from Modjo: The voice and composer of the iconic hit Lady (Hear Me Tonight), bringing nostalgia and timeless tunes. + Dax Riders (DJ Set): Renowned for their dynamic sets and contribution to the French electronic scene.

Benjamin Diamond from Stardust: The voice and composer of the legendary track “Music Sounds Better with You,” promising a memorable performance.

The Supermen Lovers: Known for their hit Starlight, they will bring a vibrant energy to the night.

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