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French 79 (FR) + Frujty (CZ)

7. 10. 23MeetFactory, Praha
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With his first two opuses – the debut album Olympic released in 2016, and Joshua in 2019 -, French 79 has contributed to remodelling the French Touch genre, making it the envy of the entire world.

In line with pillars of the electronic music scene such as Erik Satie, Jean-Michel Jarre, Air and Daft Punk, the Marseille-based artist is a master of the synth and formidable songwriter. His signature tracks “Between the Buttons”, the certified platinum “Diamond Veins feat. Sarah Rebecca” and “Hometown” helped set the imaginary boundaries of a brand new musical universe.

Having acquired over 150 concerts around the Globe, Simon Henner quickly became an ambassador for Marseille’s electronic scene – a territory he had already stepped into with the various projects of Husbands, Nasser and Kid Francescoli.

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