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Exit Calm (UK)

16. 12. 13Chapeau Rouge, Praha
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Alternative rock band Exit Calm from South Yorkshire has been touring the islands since 2007. Don’t miss their Prague show which takes place in the legendary three floor club Chapeau Rouge.

If the past is foreigh countr, Exit Calm has the past worth to research then. After only two months of playing together and one demo record they performed at Tokyo’s Liquid Rooms – a performence which was managed by Mani – a bass player from Stone Roses.

Unbelievable concerts was followed by even more unbelievable concert with etheric sound, unique in whole Great Britain and Europe. Exit Calm get used to sold out tours very soon all over the islands which were supported by such a names as The Charlatans, Modest Mouse, Echo&The Bunnymen and Soulsavers.

After three released singles was a release of LP titled simply Exit Calm in 2010 very logic conclusion of three years od hard work. Aggressive, but not confrontational, focused, but not short-sighted, and rather melodic than pop.

A unique show of British quartet Exit Calm will be held on December 16th in Prague’s club Chapeau Rouge.

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