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Everything Everything (UK) s Mayen

3. 12. 15Palác Akropolis, Praha
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Manchester is a cradle of many great bands and Everything Everything are on of them. There is no doubt about it. Their brand new album Get To Heaven was released this June and they will bring it to Prague. Fresh and sassy mix of everything cool and hot right now in music from rock and funky to electronic will explode December 3th in Palác Akropolis. Tickets available from Aug 6th 10 am via GoOut.cz and Ticketpro.

Everything Everything are taking their name literally. They combine everything with everything in their music since their first singles in 2008. The roots are in rock and it’s progressive genres, but they throw bunch of cherries on the top of the cake with r’n’b, funk, hip hop and electronic taste. This sassy mixture is so typical for the band. And it found itself a lot of fans also. The debut album Man Alive was really well received both by critics and fans and the second album Arc even reached the 5th place in UK hit-parade. This year’s Get To Heaven is brightening the fantastic world of Everything Everything’s music even further. You can feel the wildness and creativity of 90’s crossover bands, yet there is a lot of contemporary trends present. That’s why Get To Heaven was named the “hottest record in the World” by BBC Radio 1. You can surf on the wave of wild creativity and music in Palác Akropolis December 3th.

Mayen will be supporting Everything Everything in Palác Akropolis. Dreamy indie rock band was higlighted by Aktualne.cz chart of new bands back in 2014 and released debut EP this spring.

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