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Darwin Deez (US) s Peluché (UK)

6. 11. 15Chapeau Rouge, Praha
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Darwin Deez is releasing his new album Double Down this fall and touring Europe again. He will perform with his band in Chapeau Rouge Prague on November 6th. It will be evening full of lovely indie rock mixed with songwriting. You will hear echos of epic and memorable refrains long time after end of the show.

Darwin Deez tried a lot of stuff in his career. Tap-dance, rap, jungle and house production, he played guitar without strings and took part in open mic evenings. He put all of this experiences in his debut album Darwin Deez in 2010 which was really warmly welcomed in the UK. Singles like Radar Detector or Constellation took indie charts by storm. Darwin’s sound is based on simply guitar play, minimalistic drums and expressive vocal line which became his trademark. Lyrics are another significant mark, really simple, humble but catchy and memorable. Significant move towards indie rock is represented by Darwin’s second album Songs For Imaginative People. Guitar sound is more distorted by overdrives, and the dynamic of the songs changed – from calm passages to punk punches. Whole album is extremely energetic and sounds more like live recording, not a studio one. The first single Free (The Editorial Me) point on new found love for fuzzy guitar sound. Man can also hear new influences in vocal. It sounds more theatrical yet playful comparing to debut. The change is also really recognizable in second single You can’t be my girl which sounds like Jimmy Hendrix playing indie. Brand new album Double Down will be released this fall. First single Kill Your Attitude fills the steps of it’s predecessors. But it is a bit more calm, more mature. The new album will be one big surprise and that is something to look forward to. The new music will be blast especially live because Darwin Deez’s shows are synonyms for spontaneity and immediacy.

Joung band from UK Peluché will be supportin Darwin Deez on his tour. Peluché is all girl London based trio. Even though releasing only three singles they became Londons blogers favourites and tip. Their music is hard to simply describe because of a lot of influence across genres like indie and primitive electronic. The atmosphere of audacity is surprisingly close to Riot Grrrl movement bands.

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