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21. 11. 24SaSaZu, Praha
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In 2024, the Ukrainian world-music quartet DakhaBrakha is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Founded in the Kyiv theater Dakh in 2004, the band became a symbol of the formation of a new Ukraine – free, bold, independent. Over 20 years, DakhaBrakha, whose sound combines the authenticity of Ukrainian song with the driving rhythm of various instruments (from percussion to cello), have come a long way, conquering the main venues of the world: Glastonbury, Sziget, Pogoda, GlobalFEST, and dozens of others – from Mexico to South Korea.

The band is celebrating its 20th anniversary, over 20 cities in Europe will hear the powerful voice of the most famous Ukrainian band in the world, which today is an ambassador for a country that is heroically resisting Russian aggression. “Since the start of the full-scale invasion, we feel a special responsibility. We seem to be speaking to the world on behalf of the whole country: we thank you for your support, we ask for weapons, we share our pain. At the same time, we show a small part of our rich culture and by our existence we seek to refute Russian propaganda about the “one nation”,” says band member Marko Halanevych.