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Crossfaith (JP) s Sunset Trail

21. 11. 13Chapeau Rouge, Praha
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You might have already heard about some great Japanese metal bands like Dir En Grey, The GazettE or Maximum the Hormone. But have you heard about the incredible band called ‘Crossfaith’? They are set to perform at Chapeau Rouge on November 21st. The Land of the Rising Sun is rich in talented artists who strive to offer an alternative to the massive J-pop culture – Crossfaith is definitely one of them.

The band was originally formed in 2006 in Osaka. In 2011, they started getting significant international attention once they signed to an American label ‘Tragic Hero Records’ for the release of their 2nd album ‘The Dream, the Space’. Since then, they have kept growing in the metal music scene. Crossfaith managed to break through by creating a unique and original sound which combines metalcore, hardcore and electronic samples. Their captivating melodies along with an incredible catchy live presence have helped them to quickly build a strong fanbase worldwide. Crossfaith have already shared the stage with many famous acts including Hatebreed, Machine Head, Slayer, Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice and Men. After playing on Warped tour accross North America, they will be performing at Reading and Leeds Festival in the UK late August which will conclude a very promising 2013 summer tour for them. Their deft blend of influences and genres of music will be catalysed in their 3rd studio album ‘Apocalyze’ that will be released in September 2013 on Search And Destroy records… Crossfaith will be coming to Prague for the 1st time at Chapeau Rouge on November 21st. Capacity is limited so make sure to secure your tickets asap and be ready to have your mind blown away! Tickets are available for 265 Kc + fees a piece on Ticketpro network starting August 22nd at 10 am.


This show is supported by radio Beat.

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