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Ceelo Green (US)

21. 8. 14Hip Hop Kemp, Hradec Králové

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when hearing his name is the single Crazy- the first hit of his project Gnarls Barkley in collaboration with producer called Danger Mouse from 2006. The first song to rule worldwide charts only thanks to online sales. The best song of the decade according to Rolling Stone. Five Grammy Awards. This is not even remotely the end of CeeLo Green’s story.

CeeLo started playing with rap formation Goodie Mob. Before releasing their outstanding debut, you may have heard him featuring on the first OutKast album. A superband called Dungeon Family was also formed along with CeeLo, OutKast and a proucer project Organized Noise. After three albums where he used his exceptional voice only for rapping, CeeLo decided to give a try to his solo career. He released two solo albums before the tremendous breakthrough with Gnarls Barkley. But he did not stop even after releasing two Gnarls Barkley albums. In 2010 CeeLo released his single Fuck You that’s beaten even Robbie Williams’ and Gary Barlow’s (Backstreet Boys) comeback. That makes 4 Goodie Mob albums, 4 solo albums, 2 Gnarls Barkley albums and countless single collaborations, where he appeared at. He’s got a lot to show what he is made of.

By this, the first headlining superstar of Hip Hop Kemp is announced. Tickets are sold via Eventim. Festival pass presale price is 1200 CZK in May, 1300 CZK in June, 1400 CZK in July, 1500 CZK in August and 1600 CZK on the spot. Single day ticket costs 900 CZK.

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