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Cavetown (UK)

11. 8. 20Roxy, Praha
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We’re sorry to inform you that the show of Britishsinger Cavetown originally planned for August 11th is cancelled. However we remain in touch with the artist and hope to bring him over at the nearest possible occasion. The tickets will be fully refunded at point of purchase.

Robin Skinner makes music by himself, in his bedroom under the name Cavetown, but his songs belong to the world. Since 2013 he started covering his favourite artists and sharing this content online via YouTube. Cavetown’s third album, “Lemon Boy”, puts his effortless, calming collection that displays a songwriting craft far beyond his years. Following the breakthrough success of the “Lemon Boy”, Robin is venturing deep into the “Animal Kingdom”, a series that features new songs and covers along with a song from a friend: “I love making music with friends,” he says. “I’m a very in-the-now kind of person and excited about every opportunity I have to create and write songs. I just go with the flow and see where it takes me. I want to make music forever.”

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