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Bloody Beetroots (IT)

8. 9. 11Lucerna Music Bar, Praha

Italian Bloody Beetroots due to electrify Prague in September! A very sought-for electronica and dance music duo The Bloody Beetroots will perform in Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar on September 8, 2011.

The band consists of producer Bob Rifo, aka “Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo,” and DJ Tommy Tea, aka “Isaac.” Their music is an extravagant and daring art mix project of rebellious indie-electronica and lot more to it. The band has also worked with various other artists, musicians and filmmakers, such as animator Bennet Pimpinella for their recent clip Romborama. This band, typically performing in black venom masks, is also known for remixes of various main- and nonmainstream artists and their compositions, such as Chemical Brothers, Metallica, Britney Spears and many others.

Their addictive unique fusion of electro-house and punk-rock pushes all musical boundaries and is currently creating a huge buzz on the music scene. “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the Bloody Beetroots to Prague. These guys deliver outstanding live performances which will sweep concertgoers off their feet!” said one of the Fource representatives, a promoting company that introduces The Bloody Beetroots to the Czech scene.

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