» TIME SCHEDULE 7 pm doors | 7:40 pm Gabriel Black| 8:30 pm Blackbear

Since emerging in 2012, singer, songwriter, and producer Blackbear has released album Deadroses with the platinum-selling song idfc that further established the 28-year-old musician. Blackbear earned his bones working with the likes Machine Gun Kelly, Linkin Park or Justin Bieber, for whom he co-wrote single Boyfriend with his friend Mike Posner.

Blackbear is no musical lightweight. He’s an effortless songwriter with a keen ear for melody, a knack for distilling complicated ideas into tight, precise lyrical spaces, and a relentless perfectionist who prizes technical excellence as a producer. “There were hints in my earlier albums of who I really was. I want to take the ego out of the process. I wanted to make a human album, by a real person, not hide behind the character of this sad ‘Blackbear’ guy,” he says about his new record.