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Black Marble (US) + Bad Hammer (US)

4. 11. 22Underdogs’, Praha
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Influenced by coldwave, early-’80s synth pop, and the mighty bass playing of New Order’s Peter Hook, Black Marble is the project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chris Stewart. When Stewart debuted in 2012 with The Weight Against the Door EP, he remained true to the frosty gloom of his influences, burying his monotone baritone with layers of echo, reverb, and analog synths. As time went on, however, he let more light and warmth into his music, particularly on 2016’s It’s Immaterial and 2019’s Bigger Than Life, both of which reflected his move from Brooklyn to the sunnier climes of Los Angeles. For 2021 he’s about to release new record Fast Idol s titulní písní Somewhere.

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