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19. 5. 14Divadlo Hybernia, Praha
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Fans of British stand-up comedy, watch out! UK comedian and musician Bill Bailey will perform for the first time in Prague! A brazen provocateur full of dry humour whom you may have seen in the cult series Black Books will perform in Prague’s Hybernia Theatre as part of his “Qualmpeddler Tour” on May 19. Tickets are available via Ticketpro network.

Bill Bailey demonstrated his talents since he was rather young, scoring always the top of his class at high school. The breakthrough came once he joined the local school band Behind Closed Doors: it was where he first realized how it felt to be on stage – and never left the stage since. Eventually, he did his own tour “Bill Bailey Live” which he crowned with the now-legendary show at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre. Since then, he is the Edinburgh Fringe regular guest performer, Channel 4 voted him the funniest comedian twice in a row and his post-modernist wordplays are hailed by (not only) intellectuals world-wide.

Possibly the most famous of Bill Bailey’s performances was impersonating the hairy assistant Manny Bianco of the cult series Black Books. There, he also met Czech public’s darling, Dylan Moran, who had the chance to perform Prague twice last year. Apart from that, his sketches from “Have I Got News For You” or “Nevermind the Buzzcocks”.

Bill Bailey’s Prague show should not be missed out on, especially when you like double-sense political-cultural discourses and a great dosis of typical dry humour you won’t find anywhere else than in the UK. Tickets for Bailey’s show are available via Ticketpro network, ranging between 550 – 890 CZK.

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