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Benson Boone + Daniel Seavey

1. 6. 24Lucerna Music Bar, Praha
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Until recently Benson Boone had no idea he had a musical gift. It wasn’t until his junior year in high school when a friend asked him to play piano and sing for a Battle of the Bands competition that he realized his talent. His voice surprised everyone, including himself.

He then appeared on the latest season of American Idol where the judges swooned over his audition, calling him a “natural talent” and his voice a “true gift.”  He was the frontrunner to win the competition, coined so by Katy Perry herself, however, he decided to quit the show because he did not want to be tied to their recording contract.

He’s since grown an incredibly strong following on Tik Tok and has a very formidable creative team in his corner. This includes  Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, who will serve as a co-writer and creative collaborator and Dan’s brother/manager, Mac Reynolds who will lend his talents to our newly-formed JV Partnership with Night Street Records.

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