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Atreyu (US) s John Wolfhooker (CZ)

5. 6. 19Fléda, Brno
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We’re very sorry to inform you that Atreyu’s show in Brno is cancelled due to scheduling conflict. We’re doing our best so you have another opportunity to see Atreyu live in the Czech Republic soon. All tickets will be refunded at the place of purchase. Thanks for your understanding.

Crossover stars Atreyu go to Europe with their new record “In Our Wake”. When recording the album, the band crossed their own boundaries to create a musical legacy reflecting human mortality. The seventh studio record permeates the existential theme of human finality. Lyrics deal with own personal demons and darkness: “It’s all about just grabbing life by the balls, picking yourself up by your bootstraps, and realizing you only have one shot at this,” said drummer Brandon Saller.

“It’s a deep one,” admits frontman Alex Varkatzas. “We looked up to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and their deaths were fresh during the writing process. It made us think of what we’ll leave in our wake. We have a choice to change the lives of others for the better.”

The band originally started out under the name Retribution, but they changed their name around 1999,with genesis of a style that made Atrey famous.“People get confused and say ‘you’re a metalcore band’, but we invented metalcore. That may sound cocky but I don’t care.”  ads Varkatzas.

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