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Akua Naru (US/DE) s The High Corporation

22. 5. 15Palác Akropolis, Praha
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The concert series Excelent Jukebox scored an amazing catch. USA-born German MC and an outstanding and acclaimed lyricist Akua Naru will return to Prague to perform with live band at Palac Akropolis on May 22nd. The tickets go on presale on February 18th.

Akua Naru is well known for being an avid traveller. Born in New Haven, CT, she moved to Philadelphia and moved through West Africa and China to her new home in Cologne, Germany where she currently resides and writes new music. The experience and influence gained during her travels reflect in her debut album „..The Journey Aflame“ released in 2011 and hip hop critics everywhere from New York to Moscow went nuts with excitement. Akua Naru not only strenghten her position in the hiphop scene but also became a model for what can women in mainly masculine scene be. The single „The World Is Listening“ produced by German powerhouse JR&PH7 meant a huge success and Akua Naru achieved just that…the world listened.  The reason behind her popularity is clear. The genius combination of classic boom bap hiphop sounds, an amazing lyricism based on social critism and incredible musicanship earns her the comparison to the hiphop queen of the 90s – Lauryn Hill. To top it off, her live shows are simply breathtaking. Akua Naru is always accompanied by her life 6-piece band DIGFLO.

Akua Naru is not new to the Czech audience. In 2012 she performed at the DJs-meet-hiphop-soul-jazz fusion-rap festival Struny Podzimu and she really embedded herself in the minds of the audience – there’s a lot to look forward to. She is well known for captivating the audience and forcing many to counter the myths regarding what they’re have been told about women and hiphop.

The support act for this show is The High Corporation.

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