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Akua Naru (US) s Hellwana (CZ)

2. 11. 18Rock Café, Praha
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» TIME SCHEDULE 7 pm doors | 8:00 pm Hellwana | 9:00 pm Akua Naru

The American raised and now Germany-based artist, poet, rapper and activist Akua Naru intertwines elements of African traditional music with her modern neo soul, jazz and rap style. Her new record The Blackest Joy is about the victory of black joy over suffering and the celebration of a strong human spirit. It’s also a stunning musical journey with themes of race, identity, the role of women and femininity. This goddess of female MCs with deep velvet voice will come to Prague November 2nd. 

Each track brings in references from black pop culture figures like Serena Williams in the song Serena. Akua Naru empowers listeners on tracks like Black Genius and Made It, the latter featuring Grammy-nominated soul veteran Eric Benét. Their joint video for Made It was premiered on black culture server Afropunk. Through her music, this gifted artist is committed to spread the idea of multiculturalism while celebrating the culture she was born into. “The Blackest Joy is about experiencing a black female experience. It is about pain, pride in African roots, and joy and dying hope,” she says about the record.

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