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Air Bag One (FR)

16. 2. 12Roxy, Praha

Not just in their homeland – France – are they compared to the famous Phoenix, having their successful future prophesized. There must be something about it – since they are currently on tour with London-based indie-rockers The Maccabees. Air Bag One will honour Prague’s ROXY with their visit on February 16, so that they can premiere for the local publics, supported by the domestic Rara Avis. Meet Air Bag One and be there, as the band rolls out on its promising future. The entry is free!

Trio Loris, Cyp and Jips will absorb you at once with their sharp looks typical for any of their visual presentation, starting with their logo to their stylized (and stylish) outfits, or promo photos. Image is not everything that makes Air Bag One an interesting band. The main attraction is music, and the band’s attitude to its production.

Should you prefer to stereotype, Air Bag One will probably seem to you as indie-rock electro. However, their music reflects also influences of pop-rock and new wave. Whether Air Bag One performs acoustically or electronically, the attempts to separate themselves from a range of genre-related bands via perfect sound is immediately detectable.

This is largely due to the fact that instead of heedlessly cluttering the market with new and new songs, Air Bag One spent the last two years sharpening their own sound, composing, sound-checking and of course, live-performing at renowned clubs and halls mainly in their home city, Paris.

This perhaps a little unusual attitude in music industry is underlined through the videos depicting their musical production which you can check on their Vimeo profile (http://vimeo.com/channels/airbagonetv). Through these the band acquaints the fans not just with their music but also with themselves. This already bears its fruits: not only is the band is increasingly more popular, they have been chosen for their current European tour by the aforementioned The Maccabees.

We will have yet to wait for their first record, Summer Killed Us – but it is already clear that something interesting that should not be missed is coming up. This is even more so as together with Air Bag One, a similarly stylish local band Rara Avis will perform at ROXY. This Czech band characterizes its own music as death-pop, and has already published a well-received debut The Portrait (2010). Their upcoming album yet to be named belongs at the home indie scene to one of the most expected records of this year.

The doors open at 8:00pm. The entry is FREE! Rara Avis and Air Bag One shows are followed by afterparty lead by DJ Yannick.

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